PT. All Data International is IT Company that believes in the power of data to transform every aspect of a business. We provide Data Infrastructure, Data Preparation, Data Integration, Data Platform, Data Visualization and Data Analytic to discover insights that can have a real and positive business impact such as: improve business operational, increased performance and better decision making.

The MapR Advantage

MapR Converged Data

PT. All Data International now is a Tableau Partner. Experience and make a story with Tableau FOR FREE.

Tableau is your Self Service Business Intelligence solution.

Official Tableau Partner

Tableau and PT. All Data International believe data must be organized wisely and people need the power of data at their fingertips. Tableau Products are transforming the way of people use data to solve the problem, analyzing data fast and easy, beautiful and usefull.


Training Tableau

Pada tanggal 13-14 April 2017 PT. All Data International mengadakan Training Tableu Desktop yang dilakukan di kantor PT. All Data International yang beralamat di Co.Work Building Jl. Panjang No.10. Materi training diisi oleh salah satu Tableau Expert kita yaitu Christian W.

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